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Software Untuk Merubah Foto Menjadi Kartun

In addition to its king, image processing, namely Photoshop that has a lot of tools – image editing tool, there are a lot of software – another image editor software that is usually devoted to a particular category. For example, image processing to photo ID cards, improved image quality, giving a unique frames, and so forth. This time I will review some of the simple image processing, namely PhotoScape which has some unique tools for image processing. And that I will discuss this time about the tools to transform photos into cartoons that I have previously described also how to use Photoshop quite a bit complicated. With this PhotoScape, just a few clicks, the picture was finished. The following explanation

preview Software To Convert Images To Cartoon

Open PhotoScape program (which can be downloaded below) and select Editor. Browse for the image file that will be used, then open the image. On the list of tools that exist under the image, select Filter> Pictorialization. From the submenu Pictorialization, we can use the tools provided, such as colored pencil, watercolor pencil, impressionistic, pastel, pen, water painting, oil painting, pencil, cartoon, engraving color, and monochrome engraving. For your consideration, select a colored pencil, then the result will be like a cartoon images drawn with colored pencils (the result can be seen as well). For the other pictures, please try other tools that have been provided. But the result will not be as good as using Photoshop. To view the tutorial change photos into cartoons with Photoshop, click here. PhotoScape and to download the software, the download link provided below.

Download PhotoScape